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Everything you need to know for 2022

Contact Details

Principal: Mr Chad Smit –

Address: 3 – 11 Jiloa Way, DON 7310

Postal Address: PO Box 44D, DON 7310

Phone: (03) 6423 1373


Staff email addresses:
Communication by email is often the best way to be in contact with teachers and other staff. All staff have a DCS email address using the same formula:

surname first initial

Some examples: (Chad Smit) (Melanie Sargison) (Travis Cruse)

Page Contents

School Times

School Times: 8:30 am start | 3:10 pm finish

Recess: 10:55 am – 11.25 am

Lunch: 12:50 pm (eating), 1:00 pm – 1.40 pm (playing)

Office Hours: 8:15am and 3.45pm

Uniforms & Buses

Uniform Purchases:

Can be made from the office during office hours 8:15am – 3:45pm


Merseylink are contracted by the State Government to provide a bus service for students. Any questions regarding bus routes and pick up times can be made by phoning Merseylink on 6427 7626. Maps are also available on their website:

For 2022 student cash fares will increase from $1.80 to $1.90. Students catching a dedicated school bus can purchase a sheet of 10 tickets for $15.20.


The following information will help you understand how we manage traffic flow around school drop-off and pick-up times.

The Kiss ‘n’ Drop Zone is a designated area for parents to come and quickly drop off or collect their children.  When using the Kiss ‘n’ Drop Zone cars should not be parked for longer than two minutes and parents should not leave their car.  If you wish to meet your children inside the school grounds, please park in the allocated spaces along the left hand side of the driveway.

If you wish to get out of your car and walk your children in, you will need to park your car using the left hand side parking spaces. As these parking spaces are at a 45 degree angle, please do not reverse park.

This area (opposite the drop off zone) cannot be used for parking when collecting or dropping off students, as cars will be pulling out of the drop off zone and driving through from Lapthorne Close. These spaces are only for staff or adult parking without children. This assists with our commitment that no children will be walking across the road.  

Parents will receive an email giving them the opportunity to choose their preferred pick-up time; 3:00-3:10pm, 3:10pm-3:20pm and 3:20pm-3:30pm. This will help to minimise the number of adults on site at any one time as well as aid the flow of traffic. See pick up zones below for the areas students can be collected from.

Students have three different areas to wait at the end of the day; Kiss N Collect, beside the school oval on Jiloa Way and in the Kinder playground if waiting for a bus.     


Parents will receive an email giving them the opportunity to nominate their preferred pick-up time and place. Students will then be supervised in these areas for collection at the designated time.

What do I do if...

The first point of contact relating to your child is the classroom teacher. We have a well-established culture of clear and consistent communication that our teachers establish both inside their classrooms and with home. This results in a positive learning community where we appreciate and value communication.

  • Email the class teacher; OR
  • Send a note with your child; OR
  • Telephone the school; OR
  • Call in at the school office.

  • Always the first contact is with your child’s class teacher
  • For recurring issues, you can contact the Head of Students for support. Mr Travis Cruse supports children and positive behaviours across all levels. If you have chatted with your child’s teacher and an issue continues you may contact Mr Cruse for supported suggestions. Mr Travis Cruse will also be in contact with parents at times when situations have been supported by him.

  • At first speak with your child’s teacher and then communicate with Head of Student Services, Mrs Melanie Sargison in the Student Services department about the options for support.
  • If you have received or have specialist assessment documents please pass these to Mrs Sargison in Student Services to have the information communicated with teachers to support your child.

  • The first discussion is always with the class teacher.
  • If you would like a further discussion or to seek clarification on your thoughts on learning at DCS, you may contact the Director of Learning and Teaching, Mr Scott Davies.

Each level has team leaders supporting the learning within the team. If you have spoken with your child’s class teacher and wish for support about things within a teaching level you can contact the Learning Team Leaders.

  • Kinder and Prep Learning Team Leader is Mrs Joanne Hall
  • Year 1/2 Learning Team Leader is Mrs Prue McCulloch
  • Year 3/4 Learning Team Leader is Mrs Robyn Angliss
  • Year 5/6 Leaning Team Leader is Ms Rhiannon Coates
  • Specialist Team Leader is Miss Rebekah Shurley
  • Or you can contact our Director of Learning and Teaching, Mr Scott Davies

Please contact the school office.

Contact the Business Manager, Mrs Kim Hill by phone on +03 6423 1373 OR email

Contact the bus owners:

Please contact the Principal, Board member Pip Martin OR enquire at the school office.

Please telephone the school office OR visit the school in person.

Please make an appointment to discuss the matter with the school Business Manger Kim Hill.

  • Contact the office by phone; or
  • Email the Principal Mr Chad Smit
  • Call in at the school to make an appointment

  • Telephone the school; or
  • Email ; or
  • Write to the Board President care of the school.

Any person with a query or concern is asked to speak directly to the person with whom they may have the concern.  If a resolution is not found, please speak to the Principal who will arrange a meeting between the parties to assist in a process of reconciliation.  Should the Principal be unable to bring about reconciliation, the matter can be passed on to the School Board.


The information available at this link will assist parents as we commence Term 1. This information will be reviewed as required and parents notified of any changes via Schoolbox and email.

Term Dates 2022

Term 1

Wednesday 9th February – Kinder to Year 6 students commence

Monday 14th March – School closed – Public holiday

Thursday 14th April – Last day Term 1

Term 2

Wednesday 4th May – Students commence

Monday 13th June – School closed – Public holiday

Friday 8th July – Last day Term 2

Term 3

Thursday 28th July – Students commence

Thursday 29th September – Last day Term 3

Term 4

Tuesday 18th October – Students commence

Monday 7th November – School closed – Public holiday

Friday 25th November – School closed – Public holiday

Monday 12th December – Last day Term 4