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Devonport Christian School began with a group of people linked together by a vision for Christian Education in Devonport. Together they formed an "Association" which would become the legal and moral owners of Devonport Christian School.

Members of the Association annually elect a Board which governs the school and sets policies for the developmental direction of the school. From time to time the Board invites interested parents to support its work at various committees.


1. Members

Membership of the Association is open to professing Christians who are able to sign the following declaration:

"I declare my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, Lord and God; my wholehearted acceptance of, and agreement with, the Educational Creed and the rules of the Association."

"I promise to pray regularly for the work and objectives of the Association and to give financial support to the Association as God enables me."

2. Associate Members

Associate Membership provides for a person who is not able to sign the declaration above. An Associate Member has the same rights and duties as a Member except for the following:

  • Cannot be elected to the Board
  • Cannot vote on the election of the members of the Board
  • Cannot vote on Amendments to the Constitution

If you would like to become a Member of the Association, Devonport Christian School Inc., please complete an Application for Membership form.

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