The following information will assist parents as we prepare to return to school for Term 1. This information will be reviewed as required and parents notified of any changes via Schoolbox and email.

Returning to school

Term 2 will start as planned with students commencing on Wednesday 4th May

What will Term 2 look like?

Face-to-face learning will continue in schools and early childhood education and care, with COVID-safe measures in place. There is a clear process in place to manage COVID-19 cases in schools. Regular school activities – like school photos, music and swimming lessons and excursions – will continue in a COVID-safe manner.

Do I need to send my child to school?

Yes. If your child is well and not a close contact, they should be attending school. School attendance is important for improved learning and health and wellbeing outcomes. Your child does not need to be vaccinated to attend school – although it is recommended for children 5 years and older.

Will students need to wear facemasks?

Face masks do not need to be worn in primary schools; however students can wear them if they would like to. Students may supply their own or school does have a supply for students to use if they would like. Please ensure that any designs on re-usable masks worn by students are appropriate for a primary school setting.

Do students need to be vaccinated to attend school?

No. Students do not need to be vaccinated to attend school.

Do parents need to be vaccinated to enter the school?

No, it is not a requirement for parents to be vaccinated to enter the school.

Does physical distancing apply to students?

No, students are not required to physical distance.

What happens if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case at our school?

There is a clear process in place to manage COVID-19 cases in schools. Similar to other illnesses, if there is a case in your child’s classroom, monitor your child closely for symptoms. If your child is unwell, please keep them home and get them tested. We will communicate directly with families if there’s a case at school.

What if my child is unwell?

The most important action you can take is that if your child is unwell, you should keep them home and ensure they get tested.

What if my child has hay fever symptoms

Hay fever symptoms are similar to cold, flu and COVID-19 symptoms, so it’s hard to tell them apart without testing. If your child is experiencing hay fever symptoms such as a runny or blocked nose, sneezing, itchy eyes or a cough – even if they’re mild symptoms – please keep them at home and ensure they get tested. Your child can return to school once they’ve returned a negative COVID-19 test result. If symptoms worsen through the hay fever season, please contact your doctor.

What support will my child receive if they’re required to quarantine or isolate?

If your child needs to isolate at home, their learning will be supported. No child will fall behind, and the core curriculum will be delivered using our Schoolbox learning platform at home.

What if I choose to keep my child at home, even if they’re not sick?

All children who are well should attend school as they normally would. Normal attendance procedures apply, and regular school attendance is important. We know some parents and carers are feeling anxious as we see COVID-19 cases in the community, but attending school regularly is important for improved learning, and health and wellbeing outcomes. It is okay for children to return to school if they’re not vaccinated, or not fully vaccinated.

Will parents and carers be able to go into the classroom?

Yes, parents and carers can go into the classrooms to drop off students, but they must follow all COVID-safe practices. Face masks must be worn in all buildings. Parents are encouraged to use our Kiss N Drop/Collect area to limit adults on site.

Can school sport and competitions take place?

Yes. School sport and competitions will continue with COVID-safe measures in place.

Are rehearsals and performance allowed for instrumental music programs, ensembles and choirs?

Yes. School music will continue with COVID-safe measures in place.

Can schools hold parent/teacher meetings?

Yes, our Parent Teacher Interviews will occur in the second week of Term 3.

Will Jiloa Juniors and Little Sprouts pre-Kinder still go ahead?

Yes, pre-Kinder learning opportunities will re-commence in Term Two. Little Sprouts will be held every Thursday morning from 8:45-10:30am and Jiloa Juniors each Friday morning from 8:45-10:45am.

Can school assemblies still go ahead, and are parents allowed to attend?

School assemblies are an important part of our community. The school will hold some assemblies are aim to live-stream to allow parents to join in.

Jiloa Coffee?

Our delicious Jiloa coffee will still be available as a take-away option each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

What happens if a parent or carer is being tested or a confirmed COVID-19 case?

If a parent or carer is being tested or a confirmed COVID-19 case, please follow public health advice. In a case like this, your child would be considered a household contact and would need to isolate at home, test for COVID-19 and await a negative result before returning to school. Please contact the school at any stage a household member has tested positive to COVID-19.

What is the school's position on COVID-19 vaccination?

Our school will continue to follow Public Health advice regarding the vaccination of all those onsite at DCS, including adults. Vaccinations are an effective way of ‘slowing the spread’ and reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 between staff and students and the community at large. We understand some staff and students will be unable, or choose not to, receive a vaccine. Should Public Health mandate the requirement for adults who are not exempt to be vaccinated, our school will follow this advice.  

  • Public Health advice is that vaccination is the best way to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and the likelihood of contracting the virus.
  • All staff, visitors and contractors are encouraged to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as per Public Health advice.
  • Current Public Health advice strongly encourages students aged 5 and upwards to be vaccinated.


COVID-safe measures in place at DCS

Face masks: All adults will wear face masks, however teachers may remove their masks if required to assist clear communication when teaching (for example, to meet the needs of students with disability). Face masks do not need to be worn by students, however students can wear them if they would like to.

Ventilation: Open windows and air purifiers will be used in classrooms.

Outdoor learning: New outdoor learning spaces will be used to take advantage of outdoor learning opportunities as much as possible.

Physical distancing: All adults should keep a physical distance of 1.5 metres from each other.

Hygiene practices: Regular handwashing and sanitising will continue.

Cleaning: Frequent cleaning will continue, particularly on high-touch surfaces.

Supplies: We have a large stock of hand sanitiser, face masks and cleaning supplies and will maintain supplies at a level to ensure availability as required.

RATs: Supplies of RATs are available from the school office or by emailing

Sharing of food and drinks: Students are not to share food and drinks. If you wish to provide food for class birthday celebrations, please only bring pre-packaged food eg small packets of chips, biscuits or individually wrapped chocolate (eg Freddo Frogs).

Large birthday cakes cannot be bought in for cutting and sharing.

Water Fountains: It is important that your child brings a drink bottle to school each day. Water fountains will still be in use throughout the playgrounds and will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.